Doing Your Research

This morning I decided to do some research into a growing trend. blk. water, water infused with fulvic acid, supposedly balancing your pH levels, full of nutrients, etc. I decided that I could achieve the same effect by simply eating veggies and drinking normal water.

I had concluded my research when I came across this picture on tumblr with the tag #autism.

I live in an autism family so I am pretty aware of the pro autism organizations out there. I had never heard of Generation Rescue, so I looked that up.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Their goal is to rescue this generation of people with “vaccine induced autism”. This is very dangerous, as is proven by the recent measles outbreak. This organization is run by Jenny McCarthy, a previous Autism Speaks board member. Katie Wright is on the board of directors for both organizations.

Autism Speaks does not want to help autistic families. They are trying to eliminate autism altogether, viewing it as a horrible disease or disorder. The money they raise (that doesn’t go straight to their pockets) is going towards research on how to detect autism early on in pregnancies so that woman can choose abortion instead.

This is not okay! This is not helping autism families, but shaming them. Especially when blk. water, a new and trendy beverage is supporting these organizations. The public goes out and buys this water and think they’re being great people, “Wow those poor autistic people, how great am I for helping them out!” Autism Speaks went so far as to take over World Autism Day with Light it Up Blue. My autistic brother didn’t even want to go to school that day because of the way people are treating autism as a horrible disorder.

The public has to stop these awareness days, these fundraisers, without the help of the people who actually have autism. The reason that more autism parents aren’t supporting Jenny McCarthy’s claims that her son was cured from autism is that they know, scientifically that a change in diet will not cure autism. My little brother is a really healthy kid both in his diet and his lifestyle. I personally should be at high risk for autism because of my family, but getting my shots didn’t “turn” me. Autism is not a disease that can be caught or cured, it is a neurological condition.

Non autistic families are getting on board with these organizations and crazy beliefs about autism. They are not listening to the autism families, the people who know more about autism than anyone else. They are not listening when the autism families ask them to not support Autism Speaks, because they believe that these poor people with autism just don’t understand and need any help that they can get.

Please do your research before buying a product that supports any organization. A lot of the time it’s a good thing, but in the case of Autism Speaks and Generation Rescue, it is harmful to the people you are trying to help. Please encourage people to instead give their money to Autism Ontario or ASAN (in the USA). Above all, listen to the autism community and their needs before making any decisions on the best way to help them.


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